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Miami Beach

Miami Beach is known for its entertainment. You will find numerous entertainment centers, bars and discos near to the Beach. These entertainment joints are always brimming with activity. Activity include live shows, rock concerts, live bands, theaters, comedy shows etc. So walk into any of them and have your share of fun.  
Miami Beach is one of the picturesque beaches in the state of Florida. The beach is famous for great fishing, sailing and even cruising. The beach is located in the heart of South Beach and acts as a gateway to the Caribbean.
Miami Beach is popular for a number of tourist attractions. The area is always buzzing with nightlife, entertainment and sports. Some of the must see places include the Ancient Spanish Monastery, one of the oldest buildings in the area. The Art Deco Welcome Center and the Art Museum at FIU are must see places for art enthusiasts. The Biscayne National Park is popular picnic area where you can rent kayaks and canoe, fishing or camping.

There are a number of world class hotels near the Miami Beach. Stay at some of the finest hotels in area that offer world class guest amenities and services. Some of these hotels include Miami Beach Resort and Spa, Atlantic Beach Hotel, Best Western Oceanfront Hotel, Deauville Beach Resort and many more. There are number of budget hotels as well for the budget traveler.
Activities on the Miami Beach are aplenty. You could go on a shopping spree at the numerous shopping stores. Also pamper your taste buds by dining at some of the popular restaurants beside the Miami Beach. There are a number of outdoor sporting activities which you could indulge in. Some of these include golf, swimming, scuba diving, tennis, water sports, surfing and many more. Or simply enjoy yourself at the numerous entertainment centers at night.

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