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Wedding Traditions

Anahit Zorian

Indian wedding customs are distinguished with their traditionalistic manners. That means  that they have remained the same as it used to be hundred years ago. The marriage depends mainly on the parents of the groom. They...Read more

Spain is a nation of many regions, most of which were once independent countries, so wedding customs sometimes vary from area to area.

Traditionally, the groom gives a watch to the bride's father when his proposal is accepted....Read more

Traditional Canadian weddings take place in a church, where family and friends are invited. Here comes the best man, flower girls, exchanging vows and rings, and the wedding music . The ceremony is conducted by the priest.
At the end of the ceremony it is...Read more

Gayane Shagoyan "Seven Days, Seven Nights: Panorama of the Armenian Wedding "

Centuries ago the season of weddings was started in November after the holiday of Navasard. Weddings celebrated before this didn't consider Armenian. It lasted until Bun Barekendan and reached to its highest frequency. At that period people were relatively free of agricultural activities,...Read more

Among the Muslims, the mangni or engagement ceremony takes place before marriage. The exchange of rings takes place and the outfit for the bride is provided by the groom's family. Two days before the wedding, the 'manjha' ceremony takes place where the...Read more

After choosing the bride, the next stage is “Promise Taking”. A woman that was well known by both families was chosen. Her role for making the wedding happen was very important. She was supposed to convince the bride’s mother, that the bridegroom is...Read more

A wedding is a significant in the lives of the bride and the groom as they look forward to it with a great triumph. Wedding tradisions and customs vary greatly between cultures, customs and tradisions, most of which have endured the test of time, having emerged...Read more

A bridal shower is a time for a woman to celebrate being a bride with her friends and family members. The tradition of the bridal shower began in the 1800s when a poor Dutch miller fell in love with a well-to-do girl. The girl’s father prohibited the marriage...Read more

The Best Man and his wife are the second important persons on the wedding after the bride and bridegroom. That’s why their choice was always hard and quite responsible. They should serve as an example for the new couple, and get them out of troubles during their married life. 
...Read more

The bride’s parents had to give a dowry. It included minim 3 items of bedding, collection of girl’s lingerie, some kitchen items, furniture, land, etc. It is interesting to mention that the presentation of the dowry is also a very important ceremony. All the relatives were gathering...Read more