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Improving Your Marriage

Marriage counselors and experts would always advice married couples to treat each other with equal and due respect. That, they say is the key to improved marriage.

But still, there are many other factors that dictate the success and smooth flow of a married relationship.

Here are several tips and guidelines that would help you improve your marriage and make it last.
1. Keep an open and free communication. Regular and light talk between you and your partner would lead to a better understanding of both sides. As much as possible, have that line of interaction open, and do not be shy or hesitant to speak out what the two of you have in mind.
2. Work hard to make the relationship count. That means, you have to reach a consensus into executing several tasks, be it home chores or whatever. Division of labor would make the two of you feel like really equals.
3. Have a fantastic and always exciting sex life. Sex is basically making love. It is the key to establishing an intimate bond between a married couple. It is the outlet of intense and over-flowing love so make it as superb and as spectacular as possible. By the way, you would surely enjoy it.
4. Understand. Expand and flex your capacity to understand your partner's shortcomings. Speak out and resolve the matters as partners. Two heads and better than one, as they say.
5. Be sweet. Whenever you have the opportunity, show your partner how you love him or her. Saying nice and sweet words like 'I love you' would not hurt. In fact, it could lead to many other exciting events or activities. It can be an onset or start up for a sultry and fun-filled, head-exploding sex.
Overall, you could improve your marriage if you would sincerely and truly want it. Aim to improve your marriage, and for sure, your instincts would follow suit.

   By: Tim Lee

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