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How to marry a millionaire

Do you want to marry a millionaire? If you could find someone with all the qualties you are looking for in a mate, would you care if they were rich?
I had a classmate in college who was fascinating. She was very plain looking, was a poor student, had no discernable talents, and could sometimes be sarcastic. Obviously, that is not what made her interesting. Her entire focus was on finding and marrying a millionaire. I seriously doubted she could do it, but I watched her strategies from the sidelines.
What I didn't know then that I do know now that I am a dating coach is that even though she was not very attractive, her chances of marrying a millionaire were excellent. Why? Because she did the following:

How To Marry A Millionaire

*She knew what she wanted.0

Learning how to marry a millionaire was her mission in life. I thought it was Mission Impossible. I saw her get rejected over and over. But she was focused on her goal.

*She had scouts.

Finding and marrying a millionaire takes scouts working with you and for you. She had an impressive network of people helping her look for someone, starting with her mother and father, and including her extended family and her friends.

*She showed up at millionaire sites.

If you want to marry a millionaire, you have to go to where the millionaires are. She went to places where she could identify her potential candidates. She was on a college campus where she could look for someone who met that requirement. She went to parties, conferences, and even on some blind dates that were set up for her by her friends.

*She was not afraid to approach people she did not know.

If you want to marry rich, you have to show up and be friendly. She would constantly design new ways to meet the guys who had the "right" qualifications. She knew where they would be on specific days and times, and made a plan to get near them, start a conversation, and invite them for coffee.

* She ignored her critics.

Lots of people made fun of this girl but she was invincible. She seemed impervious to their criticism.

* She never gave up.

She never lost sight of her goal. Some people want to be a doctor. Some want to be an astronaut. This girl wanted to marry a millionaire.
I am sure it is no surprise that she did meet and marry her millionaire. Further, they fit the description of many millionaire couples, which is, they are still together. Nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, but only one-third of millionaire couples get divorced. The reason is that both the man and the woman make conscious choices, and while they also choose people who are attractive to them, they place more value on other characteristics such as intelligence, sincerity, cheerfulness, reliability, and affection.
You may not need to marry a millionaire, but you can use the above qualities to bring you what you want. You can do it.

   By: Tonja Weimer

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