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4 kinds of marriage mates

Marriage is one the the biggest challenges a person will ever face in life. Everyone wants a soul mate, and many times relationships will start out that way. Over time, couples drift from being soul mates into being other kind of mates. Let's take a look at each of these kind of mates.

4 Kinds of "Marriage Mates"

Soul Mates
We've all heard this term many times and it is what most of us desire. You feel connected at a soul-ullar level, passion is high, and it's a great place to be.

Life Mates
Life mates are couples who have decided to spend their lives together, even though some of the passion and luster have worn off. These couples genuinely love each other, care about each other, they are just not passionately in love.

Room Mates
So many couples drift from soul mates into room mates. The drift is not fast or intentional, that's why it is called a drift. Couples get along like room mates do, with some friendliness and no passion. To get back to the soul mate level is an intentional journey.

Cell Mates
This is the worst kind of relationship. Couples feel trapped in a situation that neither of them believe they can get out of. People settle for less and stay in a loveless and painful situation. They are gonna keep their "til death do us part" vows, hoping the other goes first.

  By: Jeff Herring

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