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The soul mate marriage

Marriage partners can be soul mates. This is the absolutely best type of marriage, although it is rare.
In recent years, books, songs, movies and other popular media have extolled the glories of the soul mate marriage. While it does exist in real life, it is a bit more difficult to come by than the popular culture leads us to believe and expect.

Signs of Soul Mates
Connected at a soul-ullar level
Each partner believes they got the better deal
Passion is high and remains high
Know each other well
Take care of each other's heart

How to Get There
We are led to believe by the popular culture that one day you will look across a room, lock eyes with someone, and the two of you will be instant soul mates. While that does happen in the movies, it's important to remember that in the movies everyone has a script, know what is coming, and have as many takes as needed to get it right.
In my experience a soul mate relationship is intentionally created and actively maintained. Couples learn to see through each other's eyes, and keep the lines of communication open. Forgiveness flows freely as needed.
The bottom line to remember is that a soul mate relationship is not accidental, it is intentional.

  By: Jeff Herring

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