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Ways to prevent love affairs and cheating spouses

1. Make sure that there is a mutual agreement on what it means to be together, to be monogamous. Would kissing count as flirting? Holding hands with the opposite sex? Going out alone with them? It is important to list out the things you two agree on what constitutes the basic 'rules' of the relationship, the do's and dont's. Every single misunderstanding if not dealt with properly will cause a rift between the two of you, and it is a breeding ground for affairs. So be clear from the start.

2. Let him or her know that you are intolerant of cheating. And let your partner know EARLY too. Once your partner knows right from the start that you hate cheating to the core, he or she will be less likely to do it. If dis-satisfaction about this no-cheating policy is shown from the start, then you should find someone else because he or she is not worth it at all. Unless well, you want to flirt too.

3. Don't give in to temptations! I know this sounds like it came off a bible but it's true. We always have temptations coming our way. Two options here, either avoid it or deal with it. Avoiding it means not putting yourself in a situation where temptations arise. Cut down on the clubbing and parties, stuff like that, Don't go out with the opposite sex alone. Sounds hard? Then deal with it. Anytime a temptation comes, think of your partner cheating on you and how you would feel if you you found out. Or imagine their reaction when they find out. Then think of AIDS, the heartbreak that follows and what you two have gone through to be together, the love between each other. Chances are, once you think of how not worthit it is to cheat, you won't do it.

4. Be more sensitive and pay particular attention to your partner's non verbals. If you partner says that they are unhappy, take it seriously and do something about it. And just because he or she stops complaining about it does not mean that the problem is gone. Don't give the excuse that some people are just less sensitive. If you are willing to make the effort, you will definitely be able to pick up signals better. Pay attention to the things that happen between the both of you and try and imagine how it will affect her. Just because you are able to take things easy does not mean everyone has the same level of tolerance as you.

5. Do frequent checks. Sounds boring but you need not make it so. It is basically about communication. Ask if everything is ok and whether you are able to do anything to make her feel happier. Ask her how she is, any major issues that crop up, things like that. Having frequent checks is just a start to having a more open, healthy communication path. And we all know how important communication is between couples.

6. Concentrate on the good things in your relationship. Look always at your partner's good side and try to be more patient and compromise with each other.Isolate problems and deal with them. Don't dust them under the carpet because they will always come back up again. Don't forget to compliment each other whenever possible. A good word goes a long way.Don't forget to acknowledge what is going good as well. The good times that you all have, the sweet things you all do for each other, feel free to acknowledge them as much as possible.

 By: Byran Kempa

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