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Honeymoon in Bahamas

Bahamas are a group of 700 islands east of Florida and north of Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. The main locale is the island of New Providence which is divided into three main tourist areas: Nassau, Paradise Island, and Cable Beach.

Be sure to bring light clothing and a bathing suit to this tropical wonderland that only shows signs of storms from the end of July through September as this is the time the storms come lurking.

Cable Beach is the area that houses most of the hotels and presents some of the most luxurious accommodations offered at any getaway. The resorts are of all sorts and sizes and offer gourmet food and world-caliber entertainment.

Nassau, adds a strong British undertone to the island setting. Nassau is also where the capital is located. This is where all the major shopping is done, in downtown Nassau, and hundreds of vendors with a variety of souvenirs. They even offer horse drawn carriage rides here.

Across a beautiful bridge and you are in Paradise Island where there are some of the best beaches in the world. This is where there are more resorts, but of a more upper class setting and condos to rent. The airport is also located here, unless of course you came by cruise.

Night Life: The best thing to do at night, if you prefer to avoid the cabarets, night clubs, bars, and casinos; is in Nassau. There are nightly cruises where a romantic evening can be spent admiring the view and sharing an exquisite cuisine. If you really want to have a dining experience that you will remember for many years then Graycliff is the place you need to go to. They are the only restaurant in the Bahamas with a five star rating.

Adventure: If you are adventurous at heart there are a huge list of things to be done here. Crystal Cay offers an adventure where sharks are your friends and you may pick a real pearl from an oyster. There are also submarine rides where the “Tongue of the Ocean” can be seen up close. The Cloister is in the Versailles Gardens overlooking the Nassau Harbor. This place is always bounding with tropical flowers and classic statues.


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