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Announcing your engagement

Decide upon your type of wedding first!
Before grabbing the mega phone to broadcast the news of your engagement to everyone else, it helps knowing a little bit about the type of wedding you wish to have. Why is this important? It seems that sensitivity levels of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, old family friends, people you thought could care less about you and so forth are heightened with the anticipation of receiving a wedding invitation. For this reason, it is a good idea to know your wedding style/size before informing people outside the immediate family.

A Large Wedding?
Will it be a large wedding where basically everyone you inform will be invited? Then you can tell everyone, “Brad and I are getting married next summer and we hope to see you there!”

A Small, Informal Wedding?
Or will it be a small informal wedding with just your closest family and friends? Then you might say, “Brad and I are getting married next summer. It’ll be a small wedding, but we want to celebrate with everyone when we return. It would mean a lot.”

One announcement lets the person know to look out for an invitation while the other lets them know why they should not feel slighted when the invitation doesn’t arrive. Traditionally the actual engagement is announced at the party by the bride’s parents.

Engagement Announcement Cards
Another way to announce the engagement is through engagement announcement cards. These can also be handed out at the engagement party, or sent to those who could not attend. Visit Picture Me Perfect, or Bridal Craft, for a free sample. You can easily make your own announcement cards with little expense and effort on your home computer.


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