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Types of bridal showers

There are many kinds of bridal showers. Choosing one both bride and guests will enjoy and find memorable can be challenging and fun. Some suggestions are:

  • Craft Night – For the creative bride and her friends and family, this is a unique idea. Homemade crafts are constructed during the shower. Ask the bride what she wants for her new home, then make a list of the materials you will need to provide. Some basics are thread, needles, cloth, glue or hot glue guns, and scissors. Practical crafts that turn supplies into family heirlooms are simple pillows, beaded Christmas decorations, painted wooden signs or other decorative items. The possibilities are endless, but be sure the guests know to dress appropriately.
  • Family Shower – Family showers are a fun way to include the whole family in pre-wedding festivities. Children love these types of events and as is often the case when children are around, a video camera is a must! The only downside is planning events every age can enjoy. Creating both individual and group activities will ensure everyone has a good time. Family showers combine well with craft showers since even the youngest toddler can create refrigerator art for the new bride and groom.
  • Kite-Flying Party – Take a trip down memory lane and fly a kite at the local park with your guests. Be sure to provide a kite for everyone. Finish up with a picnic in the park, and either open presents on the spot or retreat to the home of the hostess so everyone can view the gifts.
  •  Beauty Makeover – Have guests combine their skills to help each other with new hairdos, pedicures, manicures and makeup makeovers. If desired, a few professionals can be invited to provide tips and lend their expertise. The hostess should make the necessary financial arrangements with the beauty professionals when booking them so there are no awkward misunderstandings at the shower itself. Professionals need to budget their time, know how many shower guests to expect, what supplies to furnish and how the hostess will handle overtime or extra guest costs. The hostess will want to arrange for required beauty supplies, mirrors and spill-proof surfaces.
  • Make a Quilt – This is a wonderful idea, especially if older generations are invited. Every guest helps the bride sew a quilt for her and the groom’s bed. Ideally, the quilt will be handed down to a child of the happy couple, complete with stories of the family and friends who gave this one-of-a- kind gift.
  • Make a Tablecloth – This is another special idea for including older generations. Purchase a white cotton tablecloth and ask all the guests to sign their names and a personal message to the bride and groom using a fabric-marking pen from a fabric store or a thin point permanent marker. For an heirloom-quality keepsake, have the guests cover the words they wrote with embroidery or even fabric paint to highlight the messages. This special gift will be treasured by the bride and groom.
  • Scrapbook Party – Have guests bring photos or other memorabilia of special times with the bride or groom or both. Put these photos and treasures into a decorated scrapbook as a keepsake. Be sure to provide scissors; acid-free scrapbook pages; tape, markers and stickers specifically designed for use with photographs; and other decorative items. Don't fail to take photos at the party for instant use, but do not cut Polaroid brand photos because of the chemicals they contain. Show videos of the bride and groom and their family and friends from days past, serving buttered popcorn and soft drinks to complete the movie experience. The completed scrapbook is sure to be something the bride will treasure for years to come.
  • Sock Hop – Get the whole crowd moving with a sock hop, making sure to specify comfortable clothing and, of course, socks. Provide a dance floor and lots of energizing treats while you play CDs of the greatest and most danceable hits from the 1950s through the present.
  • Tea – Few things are more elegant or ladylike than serving a high tea, complete with a selection of tasty teas, finger sandwiches and pastries. Teas can be catered or prepared at home. Choose a tea shop as the location of the shower if you want restaurant professionals to provide all the goodies in an elegant setting.
    One tea party menu tradition to consider serving is the fortune telling charm cake. Originally, charms were baked into a cake, but attaching charms to a decorative ribbon serves the same purpose and prevents broken teeth or choking accidents.

Each charm you use has a special meaning:

  • Dime = wealth
  • Horseshoe or clover = luck
  • Knot or heart = love
  • Ring = next to marry

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