Terms of Service

Attention! Before using Wedding.am carefully read the terms of services. The usage of Wedding.am means that you have read these terms of services.

Responsibilities of the Users:

  • The User agrees that he takes all responsibilities for any content or  for other information which is uploaded or publicized by the User  on or by the help of Wedding.am. The User cannot upload, transfer or publicize any content on the website Wedding.am if it is not created for  personally for the User or in case when the User do not have any permission to. 
  • The User agrees that he takes all personal responsibilities for any content or any information he sites on Wedding.am or he interacts with other Users. 
  • The Administration does not take any responsibility for the actions of the Users, third parties or visitors of Wedding.am and the Wedding.am does not take any responsibility for any Content. 
  • The website or its services can be partially or fully unavailable at any time because of preventive reasons or other works or other technical reasons.  The Administration has all the rights to carry out necessary maintenance or other works this or that time for personal discretion with prior notice or without. The Administration is not responsible for any kind of technical failures or for any issues with computers, software systems, server or provider, computer equipment, program software, failures of the e-mail services or technical reasons of browser.  
  • Sitting any information, that according to Administration will consider being undesirable, inconsistent with the objectives of creating Wedding.am, prejudicial to the interests of the Users or other kind of reasons which are undesirable for sitting on Wedding.am are prohibited. 
  • Administration of Wedding.am  have the rights to:
  1.  correct orthographic or punctuation mistakes of provided text by User without impacting on the  overall meaning of published content.
  2.  Wedding.am takes the rights to contact the User by sending mails on e-mail address or physical address of the User mentioned in registration or sending messages on User's cell phone. 

 Registration on Wedding.am

By registering on Wedding.am you agree to provide accurate and correct information about you and your contact information. In any case, if the access to any kind of service creating User's account is needed, the registration is obligatory and filling the fields of registration by mentioning accurate information corresponding to the current time is parliamentary.  Besides this, choosing the username and password is required.As a result of registration you get username and password and all security of them are carried by yourself. Also you carry the responsibility for all the actions of your username and password on Wedding.am. 

Privacy Policy; Gathering the Information

 We gather the information directly provided by you. For example, we gather the information, when you create account and/or profile on Wedding.am. We gather information your

  • first name
  • last name
  • region of residence
  • the address of your e-mail
  • phone number. 

We appreciate the manners you trust you have given us by providing your private information. We always use your information honest trustworthy way.  

Feedback and Comments

For any comment or feedback on Wedding.am  you carry all the responsibility for if the given information is considered to be illegal, harmful, morally offensive,   violates  copywriting, promotes loathing and/or race, ethnic, sexual, religious, social discrimination, contains offensive language towards a concrete person or company as well as it does violate applicable legislative law of RA. You agree that in any time Wedding.am has a right to remove all your comments on Wedding.am without notifying you or using them without consulting with you. Wedding.am does not take any responsibility for the content sited by Users.

Links to Other Sites

Our site can contain some links to other sites, which are not under our control. We do not take any financial obligations with respect to the materials that are available on the websites of third parties. We recommend to read Privacy and policy and Terms of service  on the sites of third party on the contrary on using such sites  or providing your personal data or any  other information  on or by that sites.