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"A kiss is the shortest distance between two."(Youngman)
A warm, moist human mouth is a commune of over 400 different species of micro-organisms. Billions of the little rascals, who easily out-number the human population of the Earth, live quite...Read more

Mike South

Marriage License. Hmm! Sounds so formal doesn't it, like driving license, or fishing license and the like. Still, the point is that a marriage license is a formal document, and in order to have a 'right' to marry, we must meet certain conditions, mainly...Read more

In what order marriage registration in Armenia ?

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Thank you very much:

  Happy Mother day

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Anahit Zorian

The 7th of July, 2014 was the very special day for a very beautiful couple Andre and Nada from Dubai. They were going to  tie the knot in wonderful land of Armenia.  The wedding took...Read more

Anahit Zorian

Open air weddings continue consolidating their place. In Armenia nowadays more and more couples wishto have outdoor wedding because of its many advantages about which we have already spoken (...Read more

Today it is impossible to imagine a wedding without a photographer and a videographer. If we compare, we will understand that both of them have their own significance. Years ago people did not have the opportunity to shoot their weddings, that’s why the photos were done in studios. Today there...Read more

Nowdays,  Kardashian sisters are in their motherland Armenia and capture the whole attention of the society around them. Everybody wants to attract their attention by all possible ways.

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Talking about a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is snow-white dress made of tender silk combined with luxuries lace and pearls. Yes, such dress is a dream for every girl. However, did you know that the dress symbolizing virtue and purity have...Read more