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Mike South

Marriage License. Hmm! Sounds so formal doesn't it, like driving license, or fishing license and the like. Still, the point is that a marriage license is a formal document, and in order to have a 'right' to marry, we must meet certain conditions, mainly...Read more

Some people see 'luck' as a force that operates for good, or otherwise, in shaping circumstances or offering opportunities. It is a chance happening beyond a person's control and there is a natural urge to improve good luck, or at least avoid bad luck....Read more

If you are going to get married, tradition requires certain etiquette. The wedding dress is one such traditional item with different meanings through the world.
In western modern tradition, the color of western-culture wedding dresses is white. Used in this...Read more

Angie Lewis

It is sad and scary how society has deemed adultery a natural part of the American culture. This is why God specifically says for believers to separate from the ungodliness of the world. I truly believe that unfaithfulness in marriage stems from not keeping in...Read more

The history of the wedding cake began with bread (usually wheat) and was subsequently broken over the head of the bride for a plentiful life and years of happiness.  Guests scrambled for the crumbs and partook of them eagerly as they were assumed to be tokens of...Read more

These days it seems, even the wife is getting herself into a little trouble when it comes to staying faithful. This article does not concern women who don’t care about right or wrong, and have become rebellious to their husbands. Any woman can be unfaithful to...Read more

Jeff Herring

Marriage partners can be soul mates. This is the absolutely best type of marriage, although it is rare.
In recent years, books, songs, movies and other popular media have extolled the glories of the soul mate marriage. While it does exist in real life, it is a bit more difficult to come by...Read more

Groom and His Family
Bride’s engagement & wedding rings
Groom’s wedding attire
Rehearsal dinner
Marriage license
Accommodations for out-of-town ushers
Alcohol at reception
Wedding gifts for the bride, best man & ushers
Flowers for the...Read more

Your Maid of Honor should be your closest friend - many times, a bride will choose her sister. Some brides will choose to have both a Matron of Honor (a married woman) as well as a Maid of Honor (an unmarried woman). And, some choose to have more than one Maid of...Read more

Maria Romain

The idea of getting married is favorable. However, marriage far exceeds the work that it takes to plan a fairytale wedding. A major mistake that men and women make is confusing the wedding with the marriage. Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman who have...Read more