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Liv Tyler

The sparkling coastline of Barbados, a Caribbean island northeast of Venezuela, was the setting for actress Liv Tyler's March 2003 nuptials with Spacehog star Royston Langdon.
Engaged on Valentine's Day 2001, the couple made sure there was plenty of romance at their candlelit wedding, held at a private beach house. Witnessed by only a few of the groom's family members, the service was "a mix of religious and civil ceremony" according to Royston's father Chester, who was among the handful of guests. "The bride looked beautiful, stunning," he continued, "but that's Liv all the time."
Liv's parents, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and former model Bebe Buell, weren't present for the ceremony, their complicated schedules apparently making setting a date problematic. "They kept putting it off, trying to accommodate everyone's schedule," said veteran musician Todd Rundgren, who, along with Bebe, raised Liv. "I guess they got tired of waiting." However, a month later, the couple held a second round of celebrations in New York, this time attended by the entire clan.


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