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Another Wedding for Carmen Electra

American model and Baywatch babe, Carmen Electra, can’t seem to settle down when it comes to the matters of love. As of yesterday, she is officially engaged to boyfriend Rob Patterson, the live guitarist for KoRn. To make their plans official, the 36-year-old actress even got the letter “R” tattooed behind her ear. The pair has only been dating for a few short months, but Electra is confident that they will stand the test of time.
“The last couple weeks have been amazing on a lot of different levels. Rob is amazing. We were great friends and it actually turned into something much more,” Electra shared with reporters at a junket for the upcoming Meet the Spartans flick. “I was open to love again,” Electra says when asked about her previous marriages. “We all try to protect our hearts and our feelings, and it’s really easy to put up a wall and not feel anything. I’ve learned how to let myself feel, whether it’s painful or beautiful. I’m really happy.”
Electra has been married twice, first to Dennis Rodman, and then to Dave Navarro – both which ended disastrously. Electra and Rodman tied the knot in a hasty Vegas wedding at The Little Chapel of Flowers. Towards the end of their tumultuous marriage, Electra had an affair with Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband, Tommy Lee. A couple years later, Electra found love with Navarro, the lead guitarist for Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The couple even opted to share their romance onscreen in a reality TV show on MTV: ‘Til Death Do Us Part. 3 years later, both Electra and Navarro were ready to call it quits.
So what makes Electra think that this time is any different? Could it be that the Playboy bunny is ready to settle down and start having kids of her own? “I hope to be a mom someday, but I’m not rushing to be one,” Electra tells People Magazine at MGM Grand in Connecticut. “It would be a lot of fun. A lot of hard work, but I’ll look forward to it someday.”
Electra played hooky from her latest film, Mardi Gras, to meet Patterson’s parents. Electra said that his parents are “really cool. We had a great day today and . . .we’re looking forward to doing some dancing then going straight back to New Orleans.”
The couple is in no rush to follow through with the engagement. Electra says that both her and Patterson are looking forward to taking their time and enjoying the moments from now until the wedding day, whenever that may be. “We’re taking it slow, and we’re happy,” Electra says when asked for a date.


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