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In Puerto Rico the wedding party is organized at the bride's house. Lights are strung to make it more bright and attractive. The bride and the groom flaunt traditional costumes and traditional food is served at Puerto Rico weddings. The bride and the groom are offered a traditional drink called café con leche using coconut cups. The wedding cake gets decorated with sea shells and pine apple motifs.
At the traditional Puerto Rican wedding it is mandatory to place a doll dressed identical to the bride at the head of the main table. This bride doll is covered with charms and is offered to the guests.  

At the reception the bride and groom cut off the capias from the bouquet and pin them on the guests. The capias includes a piece of folded narrow ribbon printed with the bride and groom's names on one end, and the date of the wedding on the other. 
The bride's bouquet is made up with beautiful flowers specially the traditional flower amapola. The bouquet usually includes a fan which is a part of the traditional Puerto Rican wedding attire. The bridesmaid carry amapola, fan to the wedding which symbolize good luck. During the ceremony a soft music is played to make the ambience romantic and cozy.

While the priest performs the traditional Puerto Rican wedding he blesses a plate of coins and offers it to the groom. After exchanging the wedding vows the groom gives the plate of coins to his bride which she treasures as a part of wedding gift from her husband. The gifts of coins signify good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds. 
Following this a feast is organized along with traditional Puerto Rican music and dance. A Puerto Rican traditional wedding is a happy and joyful event.


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