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Punjabis are well known for their zest for life, liveliness and of course the mind blowing bhangra. They celebrate every occasion with lot of pomp and show. As soon as the couples decide to get married the roka or saith ceremony is organized. The bride to be flaunts a nose ring henceforth gifted to her by her maternal uncle.
After roka the ceremony of sagai takes place wherein the bride's family visits the boy's house carrying beautifully wrapped gifts. The bride's father adorns his son-in-law's forehead with 'tikka' and gives him his blessings and some money. In return, the girl's family receives a basket of gifts symbolizing acceptance of the marriage from the groom's family. 
After this prayers are offered individually at the bride and groom's house. Just three days before the wedding the bride and the groom are not supposed to meet each other.
The bride's relatives tie a kalira (jingle) on the churas, which convey their good wishes and blessings. The unmarried girls line up and the bride lightly bangs her kaliras on their head. The girl who receives this kalira is presumed to be married off next.
At the grooms house the same day the groom is made to sit on a female horseback his sisters tie a mauli (sacred thread) on the reins of his horse. They also capture the horse in the tradition known as baagpakdai, saying that can leave its reins if their brother bribes them. Once they are content with the cash or jewelry bribe, they free the reins so the groom can gallop off to get his bride.
At the marriage ceremony the couples garland each other and the pundit chants the necessary mantras. The couples circle the sacred fire and exchange marriage vows in front of the sacred fire. The couples take four rounds of the fire and seven steps to the North to signify progression as they walk together through life. The bride is instructed to put her foot on a stone and pledge that no matter what problems come their way, she will be firm - solid as a rock. The bride's parents give her hand to the groom in marriage in what is called as the kanyadaan.

At last the bride's father sprinkle holy waters on the newlyweds and bless them and promises to ward away evil spirits from their life.
A grand feast is arranged at the reception party along with songs dance and lively music which makes their wedding a memorable event.



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