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The traditional marriage ceremonies are sponsored by couple's Godparents. Godparents are the benefactor for the couples. The mentors accompany the bride and the groom throughout their wedding their engagement and wedding. The Godparents or the padrinos gift the couple with a rosary and a Bible during their wedding ceremony.

A traditional Mexican reception is held wherein all the guests are invited upon for a grand feast and unlimited fun. All the guests join hands and form a heart shape around the couple as they begin their first dance. Salsa, merengue and the flamenco guitar music may add a Latin flare to the reception. This symbolizes happiness, love and warmth in their new wedded life. 
To symbolize the bonding of the couple a white ribbon or rosary called a 'lasso' is wrapped around the necks of the couple as they exchange marriage vows. It is mandatory for every Korean groom to offer his bride a wedding present of thirteen gold coins to signify his long term commitment to support his new wife. These thirteen coins are later blessed by the priest during the marriage ceremony. 
It is custom in Mexico to toss red beads at the newlyweds as they leave the church to bring good luck and prosperity in their married life.
The Mexican wedding cake is cut by the newlyweds and distributed among the guests. A paper mache container is suspended from the ceiling at Mexican traditional wedding celebrations. This usually shapes like an animal or can be of a heart shape. This container is stuffed with candies, chocolates and toffees. On breaking open the container the items are shared by the newlyweds and guests.


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