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In Brazil Wedding celebrations are among the grand and most expressive celebrations of the world. It marks for loud music, songs, samba dances, colorful dresses, delicious foods. The blend of Indigenous, Negro, and Caucasian races forms the Brazilian Nation, creating a passionate diversity in wedding traditions. The wedding tradition of Brazil portrays that a bride must be late by 10 minutes and should not reach before the groom.

The other custom is to write the name of Brazil cities on the dinner table other than numbering it. Another interesting custom of Brazil is that the groom has to tame an unbridled donkey to prove his worth as a responsible husband. This custom is known as Bumba- Meu- Boi. If he successfully manages to complete his task he his declared suitable to marry the daughter of the man who owned the donkey. This custom is followed only in some parts of Brazil.
In Brazil it is mandatory to sign a marriage license once you are married off. It is a custom in Brazil to give and receive gifts from parents at the time of wedding. A prayer in Portuguese are said at the time of traditional Brazilian weddings. 

Capirinha a famous Brazilian drink made of Cacasa are served at traditional Brazilian weddings. Groomsmen at Brazil usually carry or pinned with small Brazilian flags instead of flowers. Delicious Brazilian cookies named casadinhos are must in Brazilian weddings. It brings the true essence of wedding favor in Brazilian weddings.
The groom should carry his newly wed bride in his arms and enter the hotel or house room with his right foot first.

Brazilian song by Vinicius de Morais or the national anthem is sung to commemorate the auspicious occasion of marriage at Brazil. In traditional Brazilian weddings the groom cannot see the bride or her wedding gown before the wedding ceremony. He is allowed to see her as she arrives to attend the marriage ceremony. Otherwise it is considered to be a bad women. In Brazil the bride's maid and groomsmen are picked or chosen and are matched at the time of the ceremony. Usually three couples represent from each side. In Brazil it is considered to be a bad omen if one drops their marriage ring at the time of the ceremony. If this happens it is believed that the marriage will not last long.





Brazilian girl
17:35 17.12.2011

Its all bullshit.. I'm brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and im gettin married in january. I dont agree with it. Are lies. Pagode isnt music, its nothing. Who listen PAGODE, plz dont write it wrong. Donkey ,what the fuck?,we dont do it.

charlie bethel
17:35 17.12.2011

my wife says none of this is true shes the most beautiful woman in brazil or anywhere in the world for that matter so if you cant post something thats true dont post shit at all cause i was convinced thanks to my wife i know the truth i love you taina

23:45 06.06.2011

I agree... This is the worst text about Brazilian wedding that I ever read... Nothing in this text is true to our tradition...

15:47 15.02.2011

Im a brazilian and this text is full of bullshit regards brazilian weddings. There is no such thing as monkeys or pagoda in brazilian wedding. Each bride can choose your own music, pagode is just for the most poor ppl.

lady in waiting
13:58 03.02.2009

thanks so much. I have to do a project on brazillian traditional weddings, and you have just inished my project! much gratittude!!!!!

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