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The traditional Turkish wedding which used to last for 40 days and 40 nights now lasts for only three days in rural areas. But in cities this ceremony is further shortened.
The groom's family sends a variety of presents to the bride's family prior to the three-day long wedding feast. Moreover, the bride is hidden by her friends and the groom's relatives are expected to find her. The girl's friends are given a small cash gift in return for information about the bride's whereabouts. In the meantime, the elderly of both families make up a list of goods they will buy for the young couple. This list is then authorized by the village alderman and given to the groom's family. In the meantime, the groom's family gives a small tea party. 
In the region of Anatolia, boys of 18 years and girls of 16 years are considered to be eligible for marriage. Before making any proposals, the family members of the boy visit the girl's family and they take a good look at the girl. According to regional custom, a marriage can not take place unless the family members come to an understanding. A second visit is then made and the boy's relatives ask for the girl's hand in marriage in the name of God and the Prophet Mohammed. Wedding preparations are started after they come to an agreement. The families exchange gifts. Two marriages are contracted, one civil and the other religious. The religious marriage is held at the girl's home one week before the civil wedding ceremony. The relatives of both sides witness this event. The henna ritual is also held here and drums are played for three days and three nights.



Egyptian girl
04:18 03.06.2009

your customs in marriag are very interesting and they are mostly like those in the middle east I saw your wedding ceremony in the tukish soap operas which are broadcasting on the arab channels and they contain more exciting detailes like the golden gifts which are hanged on the newly married couples at the day of their wedding party

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