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Wedding traditions

Some fun wedding traditions from the past are still very much a part of today’s wedding ceremony. Some traditions are well known and done often, such as, the bride tossing her bouquet. The woman who catches the bouquet is supposedly the next one to be married.
Another fun wedding tradition is the “kneeling pillow” at the altar. The couple’s names and their wedding date are sewn on the pillow for a nice memento, which can be passed on and added to for future generations.
An interesting custom at the wedding reception is that of the “marriage cup.” This silver cup, in either the shape of a bowl on a stand or in the shape of a girl with a large skirt, is set at the bride’s table. The bride begins drinking from the special cup; the groom follows with the second sip.
A “unity candle” can also be included to make the wedding ceremony even more special. There are three candles in a row, two small ones, with one symbolizing the bride’s family, and one symbolizing the groom’s family. The third candle, in the middle of the two shorter candles, represents the bonding of both families after the vows are said.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the shorter candles are lit. The bride and groom light the third, taller candle after they become husband and wife. In lighting the taller candle, the bride takes her family’s candle and the groom takes his family’s candle and together they jointly light the “unity candle,” while the flames of the two shorter candles are then extinguished. This leaves the one candle lit as a symbol of the families coming together as one.

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