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The type of hairstyle, veil, and gown you choose will determine the type of headpiece you should wear. A good way to measure your headpiece is to have your hairstylist style your hair ahead of time how it will be worn for your wedding. Your headpiece can then be measured for a perfect fit. Although not necessary, a headpiece can create the perfect “finished look.”
There are many types of headpieces made of a variety of materials, such as plastic or synthetic fabrics. By far one of the most beautiful headpieces is one made with fresh flowers. Of course, if that is not possible, silk flowers make a nice alternative. Also, a single flower or baby’s breath wreath is very feminine. Some other types are as follows:
• Half-hat - This is exactly as it sounds. It covers half or less of the head.
• Wreath - Ornamented with flowers, this headpiece sits on top of the head or at the forehead. This type compliments short hair.
• Juliet Cap - This jeweled hat fits snugly on the crown.
• Upturned Picture Hat - This hat has a brim that angles up one side.
• Toque - This hat is little and tight-fitting.
• Tiara - Perfect for the “princess” look, this delicately decorated crown rests high on the head. A tiara is wonderful because it works with any design of gown and most any type of hairstyle. A crystal tiara portrays an elegant look.
Sometimes a headpiece is sufficient without a veil. Also, be sure that your headpiece is tightly fastened to your head, and that if you do have a veil, it is tightly fastened to the headpiece. The last thing you want is for either to fall off during the festivities.
Before purchasing your veil, be sure to try it on at the store and practice walking and turning in it. Some fabrics on certain veils may make you shiver as it crosses your back. Avoid this type of fabric, you don’t want to be shivering the whole time at your wedding.
If you choose not to wear a headpiece, other options include a big decorative bow, combs, barrettes, garlands, or wide-brimmed sun hats. For a winter wedding, a classy hat with a white feather and maroon flowers is fitting.


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