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Bridal veils and headpieces

Veils come in a variety of materials and styles to fit anyone’s taste. Bridal veils can be a charming and elegant addition to any bride’s ensemble. It is important to consider how the veil will work with your dress, and whether or not it is appropriate for the reception. This is especially important for long veils; it’s a good idea to make sure the train can be disconnected from the headpiece for the reception. Bridal veils can be adorned with any number of accents: ribbon, pearls, rhinestones, sequins or other additions. Bridal veils can be as simple or as exquisite as the bride’s taste permits!
Some of the types of bridal veils are as follows:
• Wreath - A ring of flowers encompasses this style.
• Ballet - Flows to ankle length.
• Fingertip - This style is one of the most popular and compact styles and flows to the fingertips.
• Fly-Away - Shoulder-length popular style worn with a more informal gown.
• Mantilla - This style is basically a piece of lace adorned over the bride’s head like a scarf.
• Blusher - This short loose pattern covers the face of the bride. It is sometimes connected to a longer veil.
• Waltz or Ballerina - Cut long enough so that it hangs to the elbow of the bride.
• Cathedral - This veil is the longest at five or six feet beyond the bride, and is worn with a cathedral train. It is connected at the waist or sometimes at the shoulders.
• Chapel - Second longest with two feet of material touching the floor. This is best worn with a long gown.
• Birdcage - Attached to a hat and hangs to the chin.
Your veil should be appropriate for your height, style of dress, and the formality of your wedding. So whether you choose the glamorous fingertip, the playful blusher or fly-away, or a dramatic long veil, be sure it fits these criteria for a perfect ensemble.
A second option is a bridal headpiece. Bridal headpieces are especially beautiful when the bride’s hair is to be worn up. These can come in the form of tiaras or wraps. One charming quality of these headpieces is that smaller versions can be worn by the flower girls. This is especially delightful if the bride has a daughter who can wear an exact replica of her mother’s headpiece.

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