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Day by day more and more couples eager to have boho chick style wedding.  In 2014 the style really rocks because of the freedom, simplicity, naturalistic manners offered by boho...Read more


Talking about a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is snow-white dress made of tender silk combined with luxuries lace and pearls. Yes, such dress is a dream for every girl. However, did you know that the dress symbolizing virtue and purity have...Read more

From early childhood every girl anticipates for her wedding ceremony when wearing a snow-white dress she will give a vow to love her knight whole entire life. Finally, the desired day is very close to. Some more months and you are going to make the most important decision in your life.

...Read more


Every couple dreaming to get married wishes the wedding ceremony to be dreamlike, unique and unforgettable. From this perspective a wedding...Read more

Anahit Zorian

Armenia is a divine land bearing great traditions, culture and history. Also, it is the finest place to organize wedding feasts. The reasons for choosing especially Armenia are manifolds.  I take an opinion that every Armenian whose forefathers had lived on this...Read more

Famous pop singer and actress Jessica Simpson and last NFL player Eric Johnson announced the date of their wedding. The couple decided to merge their and their country’s holiday–USA Independent day, and marry on July 4th.  Jessica and Eric...Read more

Spain is a nation of many regions, most of which were once independent countries, so wedding customs sometimes vary from area to area.

Traditionally, the groom gives a watch to the bride's father when his proposal is accepted....Read more

The bridal fashion week held in Barcelona attracted the attention of fashion lovers, brides and people just appreciating beauty. With bated breath the whole stylish society waited what Prinovias would manifest. And here the iconic fashion house in honor to its 50...Read more

Traditional Canadian weddings take place in a church, where family and friends are invited. Here comes the best man, flower girls, exchanging vows and rings, and the wedding music . The ceremony is conducted by the priest.
At the end of the ceremony it is...Read more

Gayane Shagoyan "Seven Days, Seven Nights: Panorama of the Armenian Wedding "

Centuries ago the season of weddings was started in November after the holiday of Navasard. Weddings celebrated before this didn't consider Armenian. It lasted until Bun Barekendan and reached to its highest frequency. At that period people were relatively free of agricultural activities,...Read more