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You need to have a marriage license if you want to marry!  

Marriage License. Hmm! Sounds so formal doesn't it, like driving license, or fishing license and the like. Still, the point is that a marriage license is a formal document, and in order to have a 'right' to marry, we must meet certain conditions, mainly that we are free to marry, of legal age, and a number of other deciding factors that confirm the request is both legit and genuine.
Some states in America have different sets of conditions but the basic requirements are the same nationwide, and that it you are free to marry. There are many countries around the world that permit a man to have than one wife, but not so here in the USA.
Of course, folks can re-marry, but once again, they have to be divorced before they can proceed with their application for a marriage license and merely a legal separation will not suffice. So, once the happy couple-to-be are issued with their marriage license, the authorized person performing the ceremony must have a copy of the marriage certificate by law, otherwise the marriage is not legally binding.

Promise Taking  

After choosing the bride, the next stage is “Promise Taking”. A woman that was well known by both families was chosen. Her role for making the wedding happen was very important. She was supposed to convince the bride’s mother, that the bridegroom is a great boy. Afterwards, the mother was supposed to do the same for her strict husband. For ensuring the success the bridegroom’s parents were hanging a big spoon in their house before the visit of the liaison, which was most likely symbolizing a common kitchen. The idea of the “liaison” is still kept in nowadays, because she is able to inform about their intentions to the both families, but now the difference is that fortunately they are not hanging spoons from the walls.  


Avraam Russo and Morella Ferdman  

 This wedding was covered in many different newspapers and magazines, and not just in Russia. Avraam is one of the most popular singers today, and the wedding was attended by stars like Cristina Orbakaite (who sang several songs together with Avraam) and showman Valdis Pelsh. The wedding itself was a magnificent show - the bride wore a stunning dress adorned by 10,000 Swarovski crystals and New York based musicians Douglas & Eddy traveled across the ocean just to play for this wedding. Avraam lives in Moscow, but he was born in Syria and has lived in many countries - from France to Cypress. Morella grew up in New York (her family immigrated to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union). She has worked as an administrator for many famous artists and now is going to work alongside her husband.
Avraam and Morella gave Russian Bride magazine an exclusive interview.
RB: Where are you planning to live after the wedding?
Avraam: We are planning to live in two cities: Moscow and New York. New York is a beautiful city, but it is not my native city. Right now I can't just think about where I would want to live - now it is important where we want to live. That is why now we have an apartment in New York and an apartment in Moscow, so we will spend time here and there.

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